Sunday, February 22, 2009


The first cut is entitled "Tramp" by Lowell Folsom. This funk-blues joint first appeared on a 45" single in 1965 on the Kent record label. The track was a hit on the R&B charts and was later recorded by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. This track has been sampled numerous times, and the staccato guitar and drum intro still sounds fresh today. Yes, Cypress Hill sampled this song, but screw it, it's a great hook. Kill a man if you must.

The second track, EJI, was recorded by the Whitefield Brothers and appeared on a 45" single released by Soul Fire Records in 2002. This tracked can also be found on the LP In the Raw. The Whitefield Brothers are the J.D. Salingers of raw funk. Don't expect to see them play live or conduct interviews, they are a band of funky vapors.

The third track in this trio is something a little bit rare, strange, and yes, French. The track is called Troupeau Bleu by the French jazz/funk band Cortex. Yes, the French can pull off some serious Brazilian flavored jazz/funk. I'm not familiar with Cortex, except for the fact that they make me want to throw out my underwear and refrain from showering. Funky.

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