Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hipster Death Warrant

"Fashion designer Doron Braunshtein, aka Apollo Braun, whose store on Orchard Street has been selling T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with the question 'Who Killed Obama?' says the people leaving him angry messages and death threats just don't get hipster irony. See, he loves Obama, that's why he's selling products that invoke his murder!

"I'm very punk rock," Braunshtein explains to the NY Press's fashion blogger, smugly aware that our primitive 2008 technology prevents you from reaching through your computer screen and slapping that smirk off his face. He goes on: "They don't understand what I'm doing. They think I'm spreading hate. Could you imagine if Obama were killed? They might blame me. Then I'd be taken to jail and have to have prison sex."

- Gothamist 2008

The Gothamist blog deserves a big thank you for bringing this first rate douchebag to the world's attention. Where to begin? The side-swept, grease-filled haircut, his Connecticut smirk, his self aggrandizing allegiance to punk rock, his irrelevant hipster posturing, his complete lack of creativity, or maybe we can hate him for his dead, soulless eyes? This ass-hole is a designer living in New York, and after drinking his fill of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jameson, this greasy weasel thought of a sweatshirt that would act as a giant ‘fuck you’ to the world. To combine the potential assassination of the first black president with the hipster ironic t-shirt phenomenon is a new low for modern culture. Guys like the “Who killed Obama?” idiot are what’s wrong with art schools, Williamsburg, and trust funds.

If I'm at a Sufjan Stevens show, trying to look sensitive, and I see this idiot and his moronic sweatshirt, the question will be, “Who killed the jackass in the 'Who killed Obama' sweatshirt?”

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