Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Alexandra Pelosi, filmmaker, trouble maker and daughter of Nancy Pelosi, has made a new documentary film detailing the opinions of those who consider themselves part of red state America. The film, entitled Right America: Feeling Wronged is a depressingly raw view into the bizarrely undereducated masses that occupy the hamlets of the sprawling 50 states.

This is a brutal piece of work and a film of uncompromising reality. The characters in Pelosi’s film are not cartoons; they are normal, hard working stiffs with American flag t-shits and pickup trucks. It is disturbing to imagine that the wealthiest country in the industrialized world can still have a large segment of its population dwelling in ignorance and blatant stupidity regarding culture, religion, and foreign policy.

As we turn the corner into the 21st century, America has some heavy lifting to do with a portion of the population so willfully ignorant and stubborn. Alexandra Pelosi deserves credit for making a good film, but sometimes the process of making political sausage is better left mysterious.

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